Upcoming Events


Jeff Sessions at Montana State University - April 8th 7:00pm

Please join us to hear former Attorney General Jeff Sessions speak at Montana State University. This free event will take place in the room Inspiration Hall located in the newest building on campus, Norm Asbjornson Hall. Doors open at 6pm, the event will start at 7pm. A VIP meet and greet will take place before the speech with light appetizers and drinks. Please email mtstatecrs@gmail.com if you are interested in attending the VIP event.

Honorable Jeff Sessions Biography:

Mr. Sessions was born in Selma, Alabama as the son of a country store owner. After attending school in nearby Camden, Sessions attended Huntington College, a small liberal arts college, in Montgomery graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History in 1969. He taught in public schools one year before receiving a Juris Doctor degree in 1973 from the University of Alabama. In 1973, he received his U.S. Army Commission and served in the U.S. Army Reserve for over 10 years, ultimately attaining the rank of Captain.

Mr. Sessions served for over two years as an Assistant U.S. attorney (1975 – 1077) before being nominated by President Reagan in 1981. Confirmed by the Senate to serve as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama, he held the position for 12 years (1981 – 1993). Sessions was later elected as Alabama Attorney General in 1995, serving as the State’s chief legal officer until 1996 when he was elected to the United States Senate (1997 – 2017). In the Senate, he was an active member of the Senate’s Judiciary and Armed Services Committees for 20 years. During this time, he served as ranking Republican on both the Judiciary and the Budget Committees.

Senator Sessions vigorously advocated for a restrained and objective Judiciary that follows the judicial oath to serve the Constitution and laws of our country. He fought for a frugal and balanced budget, a vigorous foreign policy and a strong military. Sessions strongly supported the War on Terrorism but acknowledges the need for realism and limits in our policies. Furthermore, he supports lawful immigration that serves the national interest and that the nation must stand firmly against unfair trade practices.

President Donald J. Trump announced his invitation to nominate Mr. Sessions on November 18, 2016 and he was sworn in as the 84th Attorney General of the United States by Michael R. Pence on February 9, 2017. He served until November 7, 2018.


Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens at Montana State University - April 18th 7:30pm

Come hear Charlie Kirk, the Founder and President of Turning Point USA, as he takes on big government, culture and the left as part of the Campus Clash Tour!! Doors open at 6:30pm, the event will start at 7:30pm. The event will take place in the Student Union Building Ballroom A.

Charlie Kirk Biography:

"Charlie Kirk is the Founder and Executive Director of Turning Point USA, a national student movement dedicated to identifying, organizing, and empowering young people to promote the principles of free markets, and limited government.

Since the inception of Turning Point USA on June 5th of 2012, Charlie Kirk has grown Turning Point USA from nothing to having representation on over 1,200 high school and college campuses nationwide and over 150 full time staff. At 24 years old, he has appeared on Fox News, CNBC, and FOX Business News over 600 times. Charlie Kirk is also a best-selling author, was featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2018, he was the youngest speaker at the 2016 Republican National Convention, and a proud Eagle Scout." TPUSA

Past Events


Republican Senatorial Primary Debate

On March 22, 2018, College Republicans at MSU proudly hosted the Republican Senatorial Debate. The goal of the debate was to educate voters about the potential candidates to challenge Jon Tester in the general election this fall.

Thanks to everyone who came out! 

"On March 22nd, 2018, College Republicans at MSU has the opportunity to host the Senate primary debate to help defeat Jon Tester in 2018. The senate election of 2018 is a ways away but it is important that we work towards replacing Jon Tester from office and elect a candidate that is  more representative of Montana and its residents. Watching the news, it is clear that the Democrats in Washington D.C. are preventing The United States from reviving the American Dream and bringing the country back into prosperity. In order to pass legislation on tax cuts and repealing Obamacare, we need to get Tester out of the Senate. The debate’s main goal is to allow the public to listen to each candidate and decide before the primary who has the best chance of replacing Tester."

Ben Shapiro at MSU

Free speech is being attacked on college campuses across the United States. College Republicans at MSU understand the importance in fighting this leftist movement. Currently we do not have a date for Shapiro’s speech as we must fund the event before scheduling it. We are hoping to reach our fundraising goal the beginning of May 2019 so we have time to schedule him for the Fall of 2019. This past year our application out of over 300 submitted reached the final 8 schools. Sadly we were not selected for the Spring 2019 tour. We will be submitting our application to host Mr. Shapiro in Fall 2019 at the end of May. Any updates on the event will be posted on this page as the time nears. The event will take place at Montana State University but the specific location is to be determined. 


No upcoming events.